The Refugees set about to play the most gritty, impassioned, and authentic music they possibly could, right out of the gate. Featuring musicians that can draw on a vast wealth of experience in blues and rock circles, they have managed to do just that.

Image © Glen Newsham

Based in the Home Counties of England, The Refugees initially came about after a jam session featuring singer Hector Gomez and session guitarist/bass player/producer Chris Walker. The chemistry was undeniably instantaneous, but they also had other projects on the boil. However, as soon as time and circumstances permitted, they got back together and started to write. And the material surprised even them… But when the acoustic recordings had been electrified? It made great tracks even better. Enter powerhouse Mark Black – not only an accomplished session musician and songwriter, but a fantastic drummer as well.

Image © Glen Newsham

Between them, they have amassed an array of accomplishments – best band in class, musician of the year finalist, supporting and being on the same bill as household names, recording in top-flight studios… the names of Carlos Santana, Abbey Road and Gus Dudgeon ought to be familiar. And this is without mentioning the numerous festival gigs and extensive tours… The list goes on!

But just as they were about to unleash their sound on audiences, the world changed. Instead of withdrawing, The Refugees were one of the first bands globally that was able to record and release new material – ‘Ball And Chain (Groundhog Day)’, and they continued to forge ahead with the creation of a catalogue of music…

…music that they have now started to present to you! With influences ranging from Texan blues masters, through Flamenco and jazz, and back to classic rock, we can come full circle by saying that it’s definitely music which can be described as gritty, impassioned and above all, authentic.